This portal summarizes present knowledge on the potential uses of Remote Sensing (RS) technology in smallholder agricultural systems.

This is a wide domain, and this body of knowledge does not address systematically everything that can be learnt in it. However, the portal specifically aims at:

  • Providing readers with a better understanding of why remote sensing technology has not been used widely in smallholder systems;
  • Sharing remote sensing-based work streams that produce improved information for a number of regional or national use cases where the demand for such information has been identified for specific stakeholders;
  • Elaborate on recent technological advancements in the field of remote sensing (e.g. the use of Sentinel-originated satellite data and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles) that can improve agricultural management in smallholder systems for increased productivity, or in monitoring changes in the natural environment;
  • Providing insight into the equipment and survey instruments that are required for crop performance monitoring, their usage and limitations, or in the monitoring of natural vegetation trends;
  • Provide readers with a better understanding of the essential treatments that are required for remote sensing data prior to information retrieval.

Although it is believed that such knowledge and experiences will be beneficial to all readers, the portal specifically addresses two types of target audience:

  • Professionals, students and young scientists in research and educational institutions that focus on agriculture and remote sensing domains and who are interested in trying out and extending this body of knowledge. 
  • Operational, Donor and Policy organizations, representing a continuum of organizations from those that provide only funding to those that define and execute policy. In-between these organizations are government agencies and other organizations with various levels of funding capacity such as international bodies but also donor governments and their aid infrastructure, which may include embassies.

It is assumed that the audience of this portal has basic understanding of principles in remote sensing, although an attempt has been made to explain concepts as much as possible. Where necessary, relevant links to external materials that provide detailed explanations are given.