Cambodia to welcome the EO4SD Capacity Building event on 17-19 July 2018


Agriculture, an imperative pillar of sustainable economies, is a common focal point of national development policies and initiatives lead by international institutions. On 17-19 July 2018, a 3-day Capacity Building (CB) event will take place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with the objective of increasing the competency of decision makers and practitioners in understanding how different satellite systems may support national agricultural programmes.

During these three days, participants will learn about Earth Observation (EO)-derived services and products developed for ongoing rural development projects in agriculture. Simultaneously, they will receive a depth of knowledge on EO and Geographic Information System (GIS) concepts that use state-of-the-art open source software. Moreover, participants will be exposed to recent technological developments and available data sources related to these fields.

The event is organised under the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EO4SD) initiative, which aims at increasing the use of EO-based information for regular development operations at national and international levels. A key objective for the EO4SD agriculture and rural development cluster is to demonstrate that the effectiveness of multilateral development banks’ technical assistance, interventions and financial investments in the agriculture sector can be measurably enhanced by using EO-derived information.

If you would like to attend the EO4SD regional workshop in Cambodia, please do not hesitate to contact us!