EO4SD at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference


Experts from the EO4SD project participate in the 2017 World Bank Land and Poverty Conference.

The Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty has become one of the largest international events on land governance. Every year it attracts over 1,200 participants from governments, academia, civil society, and the private sector from all over the world.

Its 18th edition will take place over five days, from 20 to 24 March, at the World Bank’s Headquarters in Washington D.C.. The event will have particular focus on the role of data and its uses for land policy reform, identifying strategies for working at scale and monitoring achievements.

During the 5 day-conference the latest research and practices on reforms, interventions, and innovations from the land sector worldwide will be presented.

Representatives of the EO4SD - Agriculture and Rural development project will participate in the conference by providing a “Masterclass”- a learning event for agriculture and rural development professionals to demonstrate the main EO-based services that address challenges in agricultural production, irrigation and land degradation among others topics.

This class, which will take place on March 24, aims to provide increased understanding of EO-based information services integration in operational work.

For further information on the conference please visit the event’s website.